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Reveal Security Issues in your Most Critical Systems

OPC UA security scanner

  • From download to testing report in <5min
  • State of the art security, even with zero OPC UA knowledge
  • Say goodbye to unactionable results - clear prioritization & fixing plan

Lassi Korhonen

white hat hacker


OpalOPC saves me time and effort by automating OPC security tests. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any OPC-specific knowledge, so it’s a no-brainer for OT security assessments.

Ensure your protection.

Save time and effort.


Unbeatable coverage

Unique and ever-evolving set of security tests that put you to the forefront of OPC UA security assessments and keep you there.


Headless Security

Use any feature of OpalOPC from the comfort of your terminal. Automate scans with scripts and integrate them to your CI/CD pipelines.


Integrate with Ease

Scan reports are machine readable and let you ingest them into your other systems. Be it vulnerability management system or report aggregator, the world is your oyster.


Blazing Fast

Get results fast. OpalOPC is capable of scanning single targets in seconds and hundreds of servers in a couple of minutes.


Intuitive With Powerful Defaults

No tiring configuration just to get any results. The defaults are incredibly effective. Just aim at a target and fire. Configuration still available for advanced users.


Simple & Easy To Understand Report

See the security posture of your OPC UA servers at a single glance. OpalOPC ranks the findings for you and provides instructions for fixing them.

Launch your first Security Scan now.

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  • GUI and CLI scanners
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Latest security tests
  • Automatic updates
  • Access to vulnerability database
  • Email support
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