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Valtteri Lehtinen


Network Discovery

User can now discover OPC UA servers on the LAN by using the Network Discovery feature. The feature queries servers using mDNS protocol. It finds servers registered on or advertised to a LDS on localhost, and servers that respond to mDNS queries.

On GUI, discovery can be started by clicking the Network Discovery button.

On CLI, discovery can be started by using the -d or --discovery option.

Network Discovery

New plugin: ServerStatus

The ServerStatus plugin plugin retrieves the ServerStatus node from the server. This node contains information about the server's current state, as well as its BuildInfo.

This information is essential for identifying the scanned server or device.

ServerStatus plugin issue on report

New plugin: Self-signed user certificate

The Self-signed user certificate plugin attempts to authenticate with target servers using a self-signed user certificate.

Self-signed user certificate issue on report

New plugin: Server Certificate

The Server Certificate plugin retrieves the server's certificate.

The certificate data is useful for reconnaissance.

Server certificate issue on report

New plugin: Invalid Server Certificate

The Invalid Server Certificate plugin checks the validity of target server certificate. The plugin reports an issue if the certificate has expired or is otherwise invalid.

Invalid Server Certificate issue on report

New credentials to Common credentials

A new set of credentials has been added to the Common credentials plugin. The new credentials are: Administrator:1 from Beckhoff EK9160 manual.